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Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, refurnishing your living room, or creating a new look home office, MembersDirect™ has the savings and selection you need to create the perfect home with the stylish, name-brand products you love.


Saving through MembersDirect® means getting more than you thought possible. While box stores mark up their products, we pass the savings direct to you.


We offer a huge variety of product categories and work with the top brands and products you know and love to offer a large selection in each one.


Our trusted product specialists and Concierge consultants have one simple goal: Helping you find the right styles for the right price.


Our Super Buys are unlike anything in the industry. The savings on select brands and new items liquidations is truly insane.

Create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with a membership package that perfectly suits your needs. Our members have access to unbelievable savings and exclusive offers on the products they love. Together, we can help your inspirations become reality.

Whether you know exactly what you’re shopping for, or you need a helping hand to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, a MembersDirect® membership is your ticket to a complete purchasing experience. From ordering online on our members-only website, to your mobile device on our custom MembersDirect® app. MembersDirect® is designed to offer shopping solutions that work for you, on your own terms.


Welcome to Life Changing Savings



After you experience MembersDirect® , your idea of saving money will be changed forever. This is not just a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand, it’s the type of savings that could make a real difference in a college fund or a retirement account.

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The savings MembersDirect® delivers to our members is incredible.
We are very proud of the fact that our unique membership club has allowed us to develop relationships with our manufacturers and
suppliers that make awesome things happen for our members. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the savings are absolutely amazing’

Scott Bridge MD, MembersDirect®

MembersDirect® is not typical or normal. And we think that’s an incredible thing. Because normal means status quo. It means paying markups at big box stores and online. It means poor service that’s more interested in getting you off the phone than helping you furnish your dream home. Normal is running from store to store to find things for your home. It means waiting for the “big sale” instead of saving every day, online from the comfort and safety of your home. Normal is sitting on hold forever just trying to get support or answer a simple question. Normal means going it alone. And guess what? You don’t have to anymore. Because as a club, together we can do amazing things. Your membership will open doors you never thought possible. We certainly are different. And the difference is everything. The difference is you!

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