Joe Jackson: “Is She Really Dating Your?

Joe Jackson: “Is She Really Dating Your?

Madness: “A stride Beyond” (1979), “It must be Like” (1982), “Domestic regarding Fun” (1982), “Our home” (1983) Boys at the job: “Who’ll It is Today?

” (1988) Eurythmics: “Love Is A stranger (1982) “Sweet Dreams (Are made from So it)” (1983), “That That Girl?” (1983), “Here Appear the Precipitation Once again” (1984)

Falco: “Material Myself Amadeus” (1985), Junge Roemer (1984) The new Fixx: “Some thing Contributes to Various other” (1983), “Yellow Skies” (1982), “Are I Our selves?” (1984), “Stand otherwise Slide” (1982), “Spared by the Zero” (1982), “Wonders Separation” (1986) Flash additionally the Bowl: “Waiting for a train” (1983), “Midnight Man” (1984) A head out of Seagulls: “I Went” (1982), “Wishing (If i Had An image People)” (1982), “Place Years Love Track” (1982), “The greater amount of You live, The more You like” (1984) Frankie Visits Movie industry: “Relax” (1983), “A couple People” (1984), “The power of Like” (1984), “Welcome to the latest Pleasuredome” (1985) Fun Boy About three: “It Is not Everything you Manage (It is the Way that You are doing They)” (1982)

Average man or woman: “Tenderness” (1984) The Wade-Go’s: “I Got The fresh Defeat” Public (1981), “Our very own Throat Are Shut” (1981), “Vacation” (1982), “Head-over-heels” (1984) Wade West: “I Close Our very own Attention” (1985) Eddy Grant: “Electronic Method” (1983)

Robert Hazard: “Escalator from Lives” (1981) Paradise 17: “Play so you can Win” (1981), “I want to Wade” (1982), “Come Live with Me personally” (1983), “Temptation” (1983), “Surface of the Tires off World” (1983), “Sundown Now” (1984), “This is exactly Mine” (1984) Holly additionally the Italians: “Give That Lady To close off Upwards” (1981) HooDoo Benefits Person League: “Getting Boiled” (1978), “The fresh Sound of your Group” (1981), “Like Step (I think in love)” (1981), “Open Your Center” (1981), “Right Wanted Me” (1981) , “Reflect Guy” (1982), “(Keep Perception) Fascination” (1983), “This new Lebanon” (1983), “Human” (1986)

Icehouse: “We could Hook up” (1980), “Great Southern Home” (1982), “Hi Young girl” (1982), “Electronic Blue” (1987) The newest Icicle Functions: “Whisper so you’re able to a scream (Birds Fly)” (1984) and you may “Like Is a great The color” (1983) Billy Idol: “Dance That have Me” (1981), “White Relationships” (1982), “Break the rules Yell” (1984), “Attention Without a face” (1984), “Mony Mony” (1987) Suggestions Community: “What is on your mind (Absolute Opportunity)” (1988) INXS: “The one and only thing” (1982), “Dont Change” (1982), “We Send A contact” (1984), “Unique Sin” (1984), “Brand new Move” (1984), “What you want” (1985), “You would like You Tonight” (1987), “Devil To the” (1987), “Never Tear Us Apart” (1987), “The fresh new Feelings” (1987)

Reflect & brand new Bunnymen: “Eight Oceans” (1984), “Bring on the latest Dancing Ponies (1985), “Mouth Such as Glucose” (1987) “Folks are Uncommon” The newest English Beat: “Mirror about Restroom” (1980) Erasure: “Sometimes” (1986), “Who Need Love (In that way)” (1986), “Prevent!

” (1979), “Steppin’ Out” (1982), “Nineteen Forever” (1989) The new Jam: “City Titled Malice” (1982) Japan: “Adolescent Intercourse (1978), “Lifetime When you look at the Tokyo” (1979-1982*reissue) Joy Office: “Transmission” (1979), “This woman is Destroyed Manage” (1979), “Like Often Split Us Apart” (1980) Howard Jones: “New Track” (1983), “What exactly is Like?” (1984), “Anything Could only Improve” (1985), “Nobody is at fault”, “Everlasting Love” (1989)

Kajagoogoo: “Also Timid” (1983) Katrina & this new Waves: “Travelling Sunshine” (1985) Brand new Knack: “My Sharona” (1979) – okay, not even the eighties, but it will get measured.

Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Only want to Enjoy ” (1983), “Genuine Colors” (1986) Level 42: “Coaching Crazy” (1987), “Things About yourself” (1985)

” (1981), “Johnny Be good” (1982), “Down under” (1982), “Overkill” (1983), “It is a blunder” (1983) Guys Versus Caps: “The protection Dance” (1982), “Pop Happens the country” (1987) Ministry: “(Relaxed try) Halloween” (1984) Progressive English: “I Burn To you” (1982) The current Couples: “Pablo Picasso” (recorded 1973, put-out 1976) Moving Photo: “Think about Me” (1982) Alison Moyet: “Love Resurrection” (1984)

Nude Sight: “Constantly Anything Around to Remind Me personally” (1982, strike #8), “Pledges Promises” (1983, struck #11), “Exactly what on Title of Like” (1984, strike #39) Nena: “99 Luftballons” (1983) The new Buy: “Blue Friday” (1983), “Unconventional Like Triangle” (1986), “True Trust” (1987) Gary Numan: “Are ‘Friends’ Electronic?” (1979), “Cars” (1979), “We’re Glass” (1980), “Sounds to have Chameleons” (1982), “We Pass away: You Perish” (1980), “This Wreckage” (1980), “I Bring Mystery (To bed)” (1982)

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