Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, wholesalers and manufacturers sell their products to retail stores in bulk. The stores pay one price for the items, then add their “markup” and sell to consumers at a higher price. Their retail markups include costs for inventory, local sales advertising, distribution, and the local store’s profits or commissions. Because the retailer must pay attention to their inventory and floor space, retailers only focus on their selection of items they know will generate higher profits, therefore reducing their overall selection available to you. MembersDirect utilizes the buying power of thousands of members paying annual dues to assist in covering overhead costs thereby allowing you to save on everything home, and having access online to many more options within the same brands and selections they offer. Because of MembersDirect’s no ‘middlemen’ model, you have the choice of a wider online selection and you will always pay less.
You can use your MembersDirect membership to achieve the lifestyle you deserve. MembersDirect provides you with a gateway to accessing a massive selection of products, regardless of your budget or income. And if you need help in designing the perfect living room, laying out your new kitchen, or simply selecting the best mattress for your remodeled bedroom, MembersDirect is here to help. You can use your MembersDirect membership for items big and small: electronics, kitchen appliances, furniture, cabinets, flooring, home decor, and more. Just about anything you can buy for your home in a retail store, big box store or online, from MembersDirect. Plus, you have access to design consultants, manufacturer resources, and a network of local contractors at members only reduced rates to assist you in achieving the right matches for your specific style and decor tastes. There’s more, though. MembersDirect’s Platinum members can take advantage of MembersDirect Travel, which offers a broad range of dream vacation packages. With access to cruises, golf resorts, mountain getaways, beachfront villas and more, MembersDirect Travel offers the savings you’d expect from MembersDirect, and incredible vacations applied for singles, couples, and families.
MembersDirect covers every corner of your home, both inside and out, we offer multiple design solutions. In most cases, MembersDirect’s selection includes the complete product lines of top manufacturers, so you can be sure you’ll find the piece or pieces that you’re looking for. Saving money on complete collections all at the same time. If you can imagine the perfect design for your home or patio, your membership can deliver it.
MembersDirect’s knowledgeable staff can help you plan your dream kitchen, furnish your guest room, or find the perfect accent piece. Over the phone, and online our service professionals and designers are here to share your vision of your room, home, or office. We have Membership levels to fit every budget, so how much help you choose to seek is up to you. Throughout your MembersDirect experience, you’re always in control.
Get started now! Call 828.383.9928 or click to to learn more about MembersDirect membership benefits. With our risk free 30-day Money Back Guarantee you can start saving today, worry free.
MembersDirect offers only brand names and provides only first-run merchandise and, in most cases, can give you access to the manufacturers’ complete product line and collections. With MembersDirect, you have the power to shop your way. Through the MembersDirect member website or app, you’ll have the chance to experience the same quality and expertise. Plus, you will have access to professional design consultants who can help you find your inspiration and make it a reality. MembersDirect shows you just how much you’re paying and how much you are saving with our ‘Furniture Genie’ price comparison app, not just telling you, but showing you what the other guys are selling the exact same item for, all in real time. It’s how we do business.
MembersDirect’s products run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, and our lines range from everyday items to the most desired luxury and high-end products, with full product warranties when available. We believe that in most cases, our product selection is much larger than what is available in traditional retail and big box stores. MembersDirect offers a spectrum of manufacturers’ product lines, with more than 500,000 items from hundreds of trusted brands. If you’re remodeling your Kitchen or bathroom, furnishing a bedroom or a home office, MembersDirect provides access to the furniture, flooring, accessories, and appliances you seek. Your satisfaction is always MembersDirect’s highest priority.
Absolutely! Each MembersDirect member receives a unique login to the members-only website, where browsing, researching, and purchasing on your own time is quick and easy. You must be a MembersDirect member, however, to browse products and prices, as all prices cannot be advertised publicly. MembersDirect members also enjoy concierge-shopping services, with the support of shopping assistants in locating the products and services you need.
SuperBuys are Members Only liquidation sales when they come available, items from top retail stores that are liquidating truckloads of inventory at huge discounts where the savings to our members is insane. In most cases items are brand new in the box – some items are open box returns from large companies such as Wayfair and others. Through our many years in the home goods and home Improvement industry we have developed exceptional relationships for inventory liquidations and closeouts. We pass these savings on to our Members where the savings can be up to 85% off or greater. No membership in the country can compete with these types of members-only deals.